When did LinkedIn become an online dating site?!?!

Online dating typically leads to a great story or three, so when I ask the question, “When did LinkedIn become an online dating site?” I’m being sincere.

In my professional life, I tend to work on LinkedIn quite frequently as a networking tool; however, lately, I have been receiving email’s from men that send what seems to be legitimate invitations to “connect” and once we do, they email me seriously odd emails about my photo that I have posted. Which is odd because it’s not a sexually explicit photograph and it’s actually a selfie that I took of myself last year, if you want to be specific of its origin.

images (18)

Anyways….over the past year, I have received several email’s that I’ve shared among my friends and coworkers as humor. Men…you should know that if you send something this ridiculous, it will be shared…that is just human nature.

Recently, I’ve ended my current consulting engagement and have received no less than 3-4 emails in the past 3 weeks from random men asking me about my marital status, telling me that I’m attractive, or… I love this one, “you have the most beautiful eyes, face & lips.” Really?!

Well, as I was sitting there last night, drinking a cup of tea and following up on my email, I accepted a few invitations for connections on LinkedIn, not thinking anything odd about them, until later I read the following email from Scott:

 photo (5)

Date: December 2, 2013

Hello beautiful, staring at your lovely eyes for the past five minutes has been one of the most wonderful encounters i have had in quite a while, you make me think of the world like it is not gonna be a nice place to live in for the next 50 years without you in my life, your smile is like one of my best memories,i know this might sound hilarious but believe me its the truth i think you are the kind of woman i would want to wake up to see her beautiful face for the rest of my life, pardon me my name is scott

Ummm…. Well, let’s see Scott, first of all, “I sincerely thank you for the creepy email on Linked In and I do apologize that your next 50 years will be without me in your life. However, unfortunately,  I have met enough crazy people recently.”

Best wishes –


The photo of Scott was quite interesting as well, and it offered up some good banter between myself and some friends.

images (20)

No, I didn’t send this email; however, this morning, I got an email notification that my Match.com account (that I did not even know was still active) was automatically renewed. After an exhausting phone call, they wouldn’t refund my money (F-ck!). Therefore, I may be forced to try online dating again soon enough, if I don’t find love, well…maybe I’ll find a good story or three. With this being the case, maybe I am ready to try the whole online dating strategy once again in search of love…what is the worst thing that could happen?!?

 images (19)

The irony is that since I wrote this story, I’ve received no less than 4 more..these are to become the sequels.

14 thoughts on “When did LinkedIn become an online dating site?!?!

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  1. Ha. That’s just weird… I’d read that linked in was turning into another form of online dating but didn’t really believe it. Until now of course. Poor you.

    Though Scott has got the whole Forrest Gump (when he decided to just keep running) thing going on..?

    By the way, thanks again for continuing to read my stories. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve read them all by now!

    1. Ha! Yes, he does have the Forrest Gump thing going for him. It was late and I was running out of wine in search of a stock photo…as his real photo would’ve been great, but I felt that would be too cruel post. Yet, it’s a creepier version with a comb over, less hair than my selection of stock photo.

      I’ve received other messages similar to this one, but without the whole “50 years” spiel that Scott added. I wonder what else he’s doing with my photo?!;)

      I love your blog, your stories are hilarious. I want to comment more, as they are fantastic!

      I think I may have a few more to go. Thanks for reading mine as well! Much appreciated, as I’m new at this! 😊

    1. Christi, His email brought back memories of the guy that we laughed about 10 years ago in the snowsuit photo. However, his combover and monkey suit were classic’s. I was wondering if he’d send me another crazy email, since I did not reply.

    1. Hahaha! I’m sure Scott is a lovely man. The line about being with me for 50 years was very sweet, yet very creepy too. Especially loved how he’d been admitting to staring at my photo for several minutes prior to writing…imagining me?! 🙂

  2. Made me laugh so much……the same can and is reversed on LI. I too have had some weird and explicit ‘inmails’ from ladies (mostly Americans funnily enough). As a Brit (read reserved) these tend to scare the hell out of me. However……I did meet my fiance on LI over a discussion on Leonard Cohen so perhaps it all turned out well in the end.

  3. In general it’s bad form to go to a professional networking site and post a selfie as your profile pic. LinkedIn is just not the place for duckfaces or glamour shots…that belongs on facebook or (ironically as you mentioned this) a dating site. I’ve actually declined connection requests from people because of how completely unprofessional it is, and I’m a LION so I practically accept every request. Duckface selfies are immediately declined, “normal” selfies are declined 9/10 times. Maybe it’s uppity to be that way, but that’s why LinkedIn is professional and facebook is for everything else.

    I’m not attacking you in any way. You are quite beautiful (and I’m NOT coming on to you either, I’m a husband and father), but that’s definitely not a photo that belongs on LinkedIn. Selfies are very quickly becoming one of those fads that just generally irritates everyone in general. They’ll probably never go away…they’ve ALWAYS been there, but they’re just ultra-popularized in recent years because of social networking. NOTHING is as bad as duckface selfie…

    1. Thanks for the reply. That photo is not me, but a Google stock photo. Lol.

      I am also a LION member and have a professional photo, which is why I wrote about this. Since the blog post, I’ve received many others.

      Men are very assertive on LinkedIn. I’ve blocked the ones that send stuff like this

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